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Born and raised in the middle west of America. Nate made every effort to build his skills in drawing and design.

Pursuing an Associates of Science in Design, Nate's drawing quickly improved under professor Stephen Black of Vincennes University. There Nate won 1st place in Poster Show Card Graphic Design advertising the university's much beloved upcoming Art Gallery Show.

In effort to earn a BFA in Industrial Design, Nate's user centered design process began to take shape under Professor Rob Lopez at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. After reading "Creating Breakthrough Products" by Craig Vogel and Jonathan Cagan, Nate fine tuned his approach to design.

While attending SIUC, Nate didn't stay idle. He tutored Art and Design Courses for the Center of Learning Support at SIUC, and at the same time he took a Design Job at the Printing Plant LLC where he got his first real world experience in training design interns and dealing with web design clients.

Nate and his wife moved to Southern California for the weather in 2011 where they reside to this day. It was in San Diego County where Nate stumbled into the web design economy. Yet, something didn't feel quite right. The web design process didn't match up with Nate's Industrial Design processes he learned back at SIUC.

From that point on Nate made every effort to distinguish himself amongst his peers as a proper User Experience Designer. Integrating UX processes and capabilities into the culture of start ups and design agencies alike.

Today Nate works remotely as an UX Design Consultant. His most recent client is CyberLucentâ„¢. His most successful product launch was with Apliiq, Inc.