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Over the past 5 years, author Nate Chen has taught UI UX Design at University and online Bootcamps. This book is a response to the ontology and epistimology of teaching UX Design to students, and practitioners. 

The book is a response to several mentees most notably Aaron Jaros, who encouraged Nate to write and publish a book that can serve as a reference to professional visual designers that turn UI UX Designer like himself. 

The book is about Nate's 17 year experience as a designer. It's a palatable methodology for starters, and serves as a great reference for mentors, tutors, and instructors. 

The premise of Design For One is that whether student project or business context, every project should only have one persona, one problem, one feature, and one question sought after. This is because whenever there are multiple problems, personas, or features not only does the project become unwieldy but the end product becomes unusable. 

Design For One is a critique on current industry practices where multiple personas are based on demographics rather than problems. Furthermore, it's a critique on feature factory solutioneering where teams respond to customer feedback and sales requests by merely building features and thus entropy ensues over time where there are multiple features labeled differently but largely do the same thing.

Visit Design For One below to signup to be notified of when it's available. Right now it's at 40,000 words, and upcoming chapters will be released to the public on a drip cycle. 

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