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Hummdrum is the brain child of UX Design Manager and Mentor Nate Chen. Spurred on by his mentees most purtanently Angelica Hachiya. Hummdrum is an active music creation facilitation app that helps invidivuals soothe their general anxiety disorder that now plagues the world as second most common mental health disorder. Active music playing is more affective than passive music listening because it triggers more parts of the brain. Using audio processing HummDrum can translate a human's voice into any instrument. Options like vocoder can use an AI to make the voice sound more professional and polished before publishing. Hummdrum has FinTech built in so that users can tip one another, and producer can pay to download and license creator's music or sounds. Hummdrum is on a mission to democratize the music industry and grow out of the backlog of catalog music that now overwhelms the streaming music industry. 

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