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Over the past 4+ years, Nate Chen has mentored hundreds if not thousands of UI UX Designers from all stages in their careers, all experience levels, and from all walks of life. During this time he encountered several hiccups during the hiring process that dealt devistating blows to his mentees, and made him question the career coaching and UX Mentorship methods he was teaching. UXPRENEUR is a response to that. 

  • Fake vs Real Portfolio Projects
  • Product vs Marketing Designs
  • Innovation vs Efficiency Processes
  • Enterprise vs Startup Business 101

Nate's Youtube Channel UXPRENEUR has grown exponentially in just the last 6 months. At the time of this writing the channel has 288 subscribers and 181 public watch hours. 

  • 3.3% Click Through Rate
  • 1400% Growth
  • 1.20 Minute Avg. Watch Time 

UXPRENEUR is about questioning the credentialism that is purvasive in the United States economy. Currently 77% of art & design jobs are in the gig economy according to Statista. This means that the majority of UX Designers are contract workers. Yet, their expectation is full-time employment with benefits. UXPRENEUR is about helping these UX Designers make a paradigm shift. 

After being groomed by academia for years to become another rat in the rat race, it's important that UX Designers wake up to the fact they are inherently entreprenuers. Entrepreneurship is merely using your own capital whether loan or real, to invest in your own business. Many individuals who pay out of their own pocket to invest in their education from bootcamps or university don't see their money as an investment but rather a necessary evil. UXPRENEUR seeks to shift UX Designers thinking, and embrace the fact that they're entrepreneurs by default. 

A Junior UX Designer for example might frame their portfolio projects as fake or conceptual, when they're 5 minutes from real. They've tested real people didn't they? That's anthropology. They wrote marketing copy didn't they? That's a landing page! Many UX Designers are 5 minutes from becoming an entrepreneur if they only change the framing of themselves and overcome imposter syndrome. 

  1. Buy Domain Names for your projects. 
  2. Write Case Studies as a Design Research Scientist
  3. Sell Knowledge in the Knowledge Economy 

UX Designers can use the scientific method and storytelling to reframe their portfolio case studies as real design research and sell the full white paper version to the business sector. 

To learn more about UXPRENEUR visit UXPRENEUR.com 

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