MacBook 12 vs MacBook Air 11 … I've experienced the new retina MacBook first hand and here's my takeaways.12" MacBook Pros:1. Lighter2. Screen Resolution3. Trackpad SizeCons:1. No Fan means it shuts down in the middle of taxing tasks like screen sharing photoshop files.2. Not quite as thin as ok' air .14 vs .11 air wedge shape still the best ergonomically.3. 480p front camera.4. Yeah One Port (should be no headphone jack.) 11.6" MacBook Air Pros:1. More Powerful + Fan = Endurance2. 4K External Monitor Thunderbolt at 60hz Support3. 720p FaceTime CameraCons:1. Small Low Res Screen2. Small Trackpad3. No longer Sold NewHere's to Hoping March Apple Event will up the Retina MacBook Game! Rumor has it 16gb ram and new Kaby Lake chip. Still don't know if I can trust the overheating and shutting down in the middle of extreme important tasks! I'd have to give this one to the Air.