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Specializing in Mobile-First Responsive Web App Design.

Leadership Principles

Over the past 18 years, I’ve developed key principles that help motivate teams to perform their best work. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Manager as Mentor

Rather than dictate, nurturing teammates helps them perform their best.

Servant Leadership

Instead of thinking of how to get a promotion, think of how to serve those on the team no matter what rank.

Managing Up

Although subordinate to those on the hierarchical ladder, it’s important to make their job easy through clear communication.

Bias towards Action

Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis it’s important to let go of the reigns of process and be the amoeba. That means testing ideas sooner rather than later.

Test ≠ Validate

Instead of seeking to validate our ideas, we must be open to the possibility that we might be wrong. “Test” is more appropriate for what we’re doing when we user test our prototypes.

Everyone is a Designer

Anyone who affects what the design becomes is a designer. No matter if it’s legal, sales, or development, we’re all designers.


What stands out the most from my experience has been Guerrilla Usability Research. I’ve utilized this qualitative research method along with other methods to develop a mixed-methods approach to design.

Guerrilla Usability Testing

  • Intercept Users in Context to test real prototypes.
  • Survey users after the experience using SEQ.
  • Video record with body cam for stakeholder analysis.

Public Speaking

  • Evangelizing User Experience at Machine Learning Society
  • Collaborating with Data Scientists for LLM (large language models.)
  • Facilitating Design Sprints and Design Thinking Workshops

“Nate’s ability to propel someone go realistically beyond capabilities, along with his vast knowledge and effective strategies in UX are two of the many reasons why i would recommend him. Always grateful I learned from you. Namaste”

Aaron Jaro

User Experience Lead, Network Optix

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