Should Designers Code?

I still remember how afraid and scared I was to begin coding professionally. I was hesitant. It was way back in 2008 when I was asked to write my first lines of HTML and CSS for a local nursing home … Read More

Design Thinking’s Bad Reputation

For while there, design thinking was all the rage. After Tim Brown’s book “Change By Design” and Eric Ries “The Lean Startup” were published in 2010, it was a wild ride. Yet, Design Thinking has its origins from Academia in … Read More

Stealth Mode vs User Testing

On occassion I see startup afraid of publishing their brand name, or product offering into market. Although that may be the case for truly scientific proprietary products, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to digital.

“Imitation is the … Read More

The Business Case for UX

I’ve been fortunate to have worked alongside mentors in the past that ran their own businesses after graduating from their respective majors in college. Yet, over the past 5 years, many mentees have come to me they too with Masters … Read More

Innovation vs Efficiency

In our projects internally at companies we like to think that we’re doing something innovative. Yet, this is often the wrong usage of the word. As Blair Enns once said,

“The Innoficiency principle states that innovation and efficiency are opposable … Read More